With our wide-ranging and proven service offerings, we are active in many industries and can meet a variety of requirements.



Flexibility, commitment, and curiosity for every industry.

With highly efficient CAM software and experienced employees, our modern machining centers are flexible and versatile. This allows us to produce a wide range of products and react flexibly to different demands.

CNC computer component


Whether heat sinks or enclosures, aluminum, as the preferred construction material, is what we use to produce for this industry.

Years of experience in manufacturing thin-walled enclosures or their elements make us a reliable partner.

Forte+Wegmann has already worked with a wide range of electronics companies, allowing us to expand our wealth of experience year after year. CUSTOMER REFERENCES →

Wir bauen hochwertige mechanikkomponenten mit verschiedenen Techniken und Materialien zu Ihrer Zufriedenheit!

Drive Technology

Our technological capabilities in the field of drive technology are based on advanced machine resources, top-notch software, and extensive engineering expertise. This combination enables us to achieve precise and efficient manufacturing processes.

Forte+Wegmann utilizes the excellent production environment for efficient product development.

Qualification through innovation

Take a look at why our working methods make us suitable for your project!




The evolution from supplier management to a collaborative partnership.

Risk and cost reduction and the gain of flexibility – the product of trust.

— Enclosure development
— Housing production, from prototype to mass production
— Object assembly
— Laser engraving



High-precision components in series, milled, thin-walled, and with assured quality. Just-in-time production, a valued factor.

Rohde & Schwarz: also a long-standing collaboration, in recognition of our efforts to place our customers at the center of our organizational actions

→ Clear expectations and demands on us.
→ Quality and on-time delivery are the minimum standards.
→ Identification with our customers sets us apart.


We manufacture high-quality mechanical components using various techniques and materials to your satisfaction!