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Consider our service as an integral subprocess of your existing process structure. The scope of the service and the details of the task are initially irrelevant.

Qualification through Innovation

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Milling Technology

From idea to product, from prototype to series production.
State-of-the-art machines, advanced software, and motivated, experienced employees ensure stable process flows in milling technology.

Milling technology ushered in a new chapter in the company’s history in 1982. With a young management team, an initial NC-controlled milling machine for in-house tool manufacturing, and rapidly developing computer technology, including artificial intelligence, a lasting enthusiasm for ongoing technological transformation was ignited.

Freeform surface and CNC machining in the early 1980s were the first service offerings for the local tool and mold making industry.

In the production area of CNC milling. From single parts to small, medium, and large series, the focus is on the machining of aluminum, specifically the production of thin-walled components. Our machines excel particularly with high machining volumes, complex geometries, and freeform shapes in combination with these thin-walled components. The interplay between CAM tools and machines results in effective production times with high manufacturing quality.



From prototype to series production – we always keep your product in sight and continuously check for the best quality.




ARINC short for Aeronautical Radio Incorporated, is a company based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Over the past years, the company has made a name for itself in the aviation and avionics sectors by standardizing numerous communication protocols between various computer systems based on ARINC’s recommendations. Additionally, the ARINC standard describes the form, fit, and function of “black box” enclosures and their installation arrangements in aircraft. The enclosures in the ARINC standard vary in size, shape, and function, but are all built to specific standard dimensions.

Enclosures for the aviation industry are subject to special requirements. In addition to high EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) properties, the enclosures must withstand extreme shock and vibration loads. In practice, customized aluminum constructions based on ARINC 404 or ARINC 600 MCU specifications have proven effective. Our experience in manufacturing this enclosure standard allows us to effectively implement your custom-designed enclosure.

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We support you in the specific implementation of the desired design and defined requirements. Often, the front panel is modified, and the back panel is adjusted for connector cutouts. The service scope includes changes to mounting holes and adaptation to related hardware; special card and air guides, brackets, as well as specific surface finishing and laser marking.

Our philosophy has always been to economically meet these high standards for special applications, even with small batch sizes.