For over 30 years, we have been a system supplier for the aviation industry and have successfully accumulated industry expertise.

Aviation: An industry with special requirements.

In addition to lightweight construction and high EMC properties, enclosures in aviation must also withstand extreme shock and vibration loads.

By accompanying numerous projects in this industry, we have accumulated excellent expertise.

Therefore, we can rightfully call ourselves experts in the manufacturing of mechanical components for aviation.


according to EN 9100:2018
for aerospace.


Our qualifications for aviation:

Quality management.

  • Certified according to: EN 9100:2018
  • Adherence to high standards: ARINC 404 or ARINC 600 MCU specification

Years of experience.

  • Over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Specific expertise in the manufacturing of thin-walled mechanical components
  • Flexible response to changes

Process reliability.

  • Configuration and process management ensure delivery reliability and high quality standards

Our experience in manufacturing products for aviation under high enclosure standards enables us to effectively implement your custom-designed product.


AIRBUS – 30 years of successful collaboration that speaks for itself!

Our long-standing partnership, which has been ongoing for over 30 years, has significantly shaped our company. Through numerous joint projects, we have successfully developed extensive industry expertise.


→ Development of an optical test adapter for the maintenance of fiber optic connections
→ Development of a pivoting projection surface for projectors
→ Production and assembly of custom enclosure designs
→ Production and delivery of series enclosures for passenger aircraft: A318, A320, A330, A340, A350, A380

A proof of trust and success.
The mechanics for the Flight Attendant Panel and other enclosures for the cabin area are manufactured by us. Through our sophisticated production system, advanced reporting, and committed quality management, we justify the trust placed in us every day.

Aiming high – we fly along with the Airbus 320, 340, and 380. Screen panels and electronic enclosures are our products.

The advantage of being directly involved in product development has had a lasting impact on pre-series production and the transition to series production. 

This knowledge and understanding of the component ensure high-quality production throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Identification with the customer and the product is a successful outcome of this collaboration, something we are proud of.