Forte + Wegmann focuses on comprehensive services in the field of metal processing 


Forte + Wegmann is an innovative company in metal processing, offering its customers a wide range of services. As a partner, the company supports its customers not only in product development but also provides various machining and milling services, including precise 5-axis machining, to deliver finished mechanical products in lightweight construction. Forte + Wegmann also handles the surface finishing and labeling of the produced components to meet the highest quality standards.

Thanks to a modern machinery park with a high degree of automation, as well as the long-standing experience and extensive know-how of the 18-member team led by the Hirte family, Forte + Wegmann is able to meet the individual needs and requirements of its customers. The high quality of services, flexibility, and quick responsiveness benefit the customers. The company is always keen on achieving quick and sustainable problem-solving for its exclusively industrial clientele.


In addition to its headquarters in Iserlohn, where the administration is located, the company has also owned a large production hall in Hemer since 2010, which is about 7.4 km away. Additionally, the company operates a consignment warehouse at the Airbus site in Buxtehude to ensure the quick availability of products for the customer.

History, Present ……..


Forte + Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional family business founded in 1952 by Willy Forte and Karl Wegmann as an OHG in Iserlohn. Since then, the company has developed into a forward-looking provider in metal processing, with its origins in the production of springs, wire, and needles for the textile machinery industry.

In 1975, the management was handed over to the successors of the company founders as part of the generational change.

In 1982, the owners split, which set the impulse for a realignment of the company. In that year, “CNC milling” was introduced, and in conjunction with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems, we have since aligned the machining process with the highest standards. Just two years later, in 1984, we added 3D milling to our service portfolio, laying the foundation for the production of products using 3D technology. In the following decades, Forte + Wegmann produced technologies and products for various markets. For example, we were active in mold and tool making and produced EDM electrodes, to name a few examples.

In 1989, we acquired Airbus as a customer. From then on, we produced a wide range of components and enclosures for the aviation industry and supplied industrial partners throughout Germany.

In 2000, we positioned ourselves as a system supplier of mechanical components for Airbus. This focus on the aviation industry significantly expanded our management experience. Thinking in process chains and their implementation is regularly promoted and demanded through audits by our customers. This successful implementation results from the use of proven and state-of-the-art technologies, combined with creative design, excellent production skills, and interactive customer communication. Thus, we have built and accumulated a wealth of knowledge from different production areas, supported by the highest precision technology.

In 2009, we successfully achieved EN9100 certification by Germanischer Lloyd.

At Forte + Wegmann, you will find a team of experienced and motivated employees. The flat hierarchies of a family business still enable us to maintain an excellent level of flexibility and responsiveness today. From decades of experience, we have learned to quickly adapt our process chains, systems, and procedures to new conditions. Proven management tools and modern production facilities are the symbiosis to successfully ensure our customers’ process requirements.

In the year 2020, we faced the significant external impacts of the pandemic, which posed substantial challenges to our company. We embraced these challenges and decided to align our company accordingly. Reflecting on our company’s history, we were confident that our corporate philosophy had well-prepared us to handle these challenges.

Looking to the Future.

The Future is Now

Today, in the year 2024, we can proudly look back on how we have overcome these challenges and further developed our company. Our adaptability and innovative strength have enabled us to continue being successful and to provide our customers with top-notch services.

Our strategic orientation is based on three strong pillars: our core competence in mechanics, our extensive toolkit of software tools, and the expertise of our customers. These elements converge into a value-creation partnership.

  • Mechanics: With our long-standing experience and expertise in mechanical design and manufacturing, we offer customized, robust, and functional solutions. Enclosures and the manufacturing of lightweight components are our core business.
  • Simulation Tools and AI: By utilizing highly effective simulation tools and the efficient use of artificial intelligence, we are able to conduct precise electromagnetic, thermal, and structural analyses. These tools enable us to build knowledge and optimize technical processes, helping us continuously expand our range of services and efficiently solve complex technical challenges.
  • Customer Expertise: In close collaboration with the developers of our customers and partners, we combine our mechanical and simulation capabilities with their deep industry knowledge.


This open, synergistic approach allows for efficient collaboration, starting from the development phase to series production. Through this integrative approach, we create innovative product solutions that offer the highest quality and precision, supporting the entire lifecycle of the product.




As an expansion of our portfolio, we aim to acquire comprehensive know-how in two pioneering areas: compact electromechanical drive components and the development of high-performance computer systems for AI applications through the integration of multiple high-performance units in desktop-like enclosures. With this strategic orientation, we strive to develop technological excellence in these segments and actively participate in the groundbreaking solutions of tomorrow.


Qualification through Innovation

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