Risk Share Partnership Programm

A Succeful Partnership

Customer or Partner?

In today’s business world, the traditional model of selling products is shifting towards offering comprehensive solution packages. An airline no longer needs aircraft with jet engines, but flight hours. A lamp manufacturer no longer sells just lamps, but the light they produce. Customers are not merely buying a product, but a complete package that includes design, maintenance, and replacement services.

This increasing complexity is fundamentally changing our relationship with our customers. It is no longer just about selling a single product, but about providing comprehensive solutions that offer long-term value.

True partnerships arise when both sides are willing to take risks and share responsibilities. If suppliers or partners are not willing to take risks and only seek rewards, it is not a genuine partnership but merely a supplier relationship.

This shift towards comprehensive services and genuine partnerships requires new thinking and a new way of collaborating, based on trust, mutual risk-taking, and shared goals.

When someone says, “We want to be your partner, pay us now,” that is acceptable, but it is a supplier relationship, not a partnership. Partnerships require shared risk. That is what a partnership means. It can be a personal relationship, a friendship, or, more importantly, a business relationship. In a friendship, both sides share their time and support, and jointly bear burdens. Business relationships require similar risks.

Risk and Investments: Traditional Wisdom vs. Innovative Thinking

There is an old saying about investments: “Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.” This means you should be cautious and only invest money that you can afford to lose without facing serious financial trouble.

However, if you want to start something completely new, everyone should invest something that is important to them and that they can’t really afford to lose. This shows that everyone truly believes in the project and is willing to take risks to make it successful.