Design, planning, and optimization of service creation processes.


Although construction has not always been explicitly mentioned, it has always been a constant companion at FW. Under the term ENGINEERING+, this service offering will now be officially present at FW.


Through the collaborative support of numerous external development projects, the technical implementation in manufacturing, and the successful series production in-house, we have created a source of endless experience.



Research and development: more than just having ideas. It is a process that solidifies within structures and manifests in future offerings. The focus is aligned with the production environment and the resulting opportunities.

SO 9100 is a standard that provides us with orientation for future requirements. IoT, Industry 4.0, enough motivation to steer FW’s knowledge and capabilities into new paths.

We offer our development services as a closed process that can be integrated as a subprocess into your process structure. The scope of the service and the details of the task are initially irrelevant.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, the activation of an existing service offering. Our passion is to create more than just an exact copy of a geometric body. In this case, the optimum to strive for includes form and function, as well as the required properties of the original. We tackle this task through a symbiosis of production experience, constructive thinking, and practical implementation.

Reverse Engineering: Integrated into a 3D process, we import precise geometries from the real world. Our goal is not only to replicate the form and function but also to achieve the required properties of the original optimally. Through the symbiosis of production experience, constructive thinking, and practical implementation, we ensure that our solutions meet the highest quality standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.